Boundary Changes

School districts periodically need to change school attendance zones to ensure that schools have room to serve all of the students in its boundaries. The Rogers School District will keep this page updated with new information throughout a boundary change process.

Fairview Boundary

Boundaries for Fairview Elementary


The Rogers School District announced at the August school board meeting that it will begin consideration of the boundaries for its new elementary school during the fall semester of the 2018-19 school year. Fairview Elementary, located at 3131 W. Garrett Road in southwest Rogers, will open in August 2019.

An advisory committee of parents, teachers, and principals from Janie Darr, Bellview and Tucker elementaries along with district administrators will work on developing a proposed attendance zone. The district will gather input on the proposal at several public meetings before bringing a recommendation to the Board of Education for consideration.

What is the timeline for the boundary rezoning process and school opening?

September 2018 - Advisory committee meetings begin.
October 2018 - Public meetings - Oct. 11 at Tucker (5:30pm), Oct. 15 at Janie Darr (6pm), Oct. 23 at Bellview (6:30pm)
November 6, 2018 - Board study session
November 13, 2018 - Presentation/Recommendation to the Board of Education
December 18, 2018 - Board action on the recommendation
January/February 2019 - Recommendation for hiring the new principal
August 14, 2019 - Fairview Elementary opens for its first year.

Current Status of Recommendation:
After the public input meetings and board study session, the original proposal was modified based on public input. The recommendation presented at the Nov. 13 school board meeting expanded the Fairview boundary. The board approved the new zone at its Dec. 18 meeting. Here are the approved Fairview zone map and the boundary descriptions.

Construction of Fairview Elementary

What guides the boundary changes?

The district works to make boundary decisions that focus on student academic needs, that take a long-range outlook and that are fiscally prudent with tax dollars.

According to Board Policy JC:  Actions to establish, modify, or alter attendance boundaries will give primary consideration to

(1) the impact upon the educational program of the school system,

(2) demographic data,

(3) preservation of neighborhood identities when practical,

(4) operational needs of the school system, and

(5) safe walking and transportation routes.


When will we know who the principal will be?

The new principal will be selected no later than February 1, 2019.

What opportunities are available to participate in the boundary change process?

Public input is a vital part of the process of developing boundaries that can best meet the needs of the area.  To participate, you can:

  • Talk to your current school principal.
  • Attend public meetings. There will be public meetings at various locations.
  • Visit this district website which will provide updates on the boundary process, FAQ’s and provide an email address ( to send comments.

Will my child attend the school located closest to our residence?

The Rogers Public Schools is a proponent of neighborhood schools as is evidenced by the fact we operate 15 current elementary schools.  Neighborhood schools help to connect a community with the school system.  In addition to proximity, other factors considered are neighborhood density, presence of major streets and railroads, residential growth patterns, district fiscal responsibility, and future development plans in the area.  When all factors are taken into consideration, having students attend the closest school may not always be possible.

What factors are considered in enrollment projections?

The desirability of this area to young families has led to continued enrollment increases in the Rogers Public Schools.  Estimates of future growth within the district are updated monthly.  Enrollment forecasts are based on a number of data sources including:  new housing reports, school enrollments over the past 10 years, household density patterns and information from city planners.

What quick facts can you tell me about the new school?

Name: Fairview Elementary- named after a historic school that operated for more than 75 years in the Rogers-Lowell area before being consolidated into the Rogers School District in 1946.

Location:                3131 W. Garrett Road

Size:                         89,177 square feet

Capacity:               716 students

Floors:                      Two

Features:                 Gymnasium designed as safe room

                                 Three computer labs

                                 Tool box room for special instructional space

Cost:                        $22 million

Completion:           Summer 2019

Share your thoughts!

We welcome your ideas, questions, comments and concerns throughout the boundary process. 


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