Social Work Services

1Social Work Services 
Social Workers are licensed mental health professionals who provide services that promote social, emotional and behavioral well-being in family and in life. School Social Workers are specially educated and trained to provide services unique to the school setting to all students. 
The Rogers School Social Workers are members of a multi-disciplinary team working closely with school administration, counselors, and teachers. Services to students include :
  • Individual and group counseling to develop:
    • Study Skills
    • Social Skills
    • Appropriate Assertiveness
    • Self Advocacy
    • Anger and Stress Management
    • Teen Parenting Skills
    • Tobacco Cessation
    • Drug Education and relapse prevention
·         Facilitating activities to increase
    • Motivation to learn
    • Attachment to school
·         Community Involvement Supporting Families
    • Helping families enhance their children’s school experience
    • Connecting students and families with community services
    • Empowering families to advocate for their child and themselves
    • Bridging the gap between schools and culturally diverse families
·         Supporting School Staff
    • Identifying factors that are barriers to learning
    • Strategizing behavior management techniques and developing plans
    • Helping build partnerships between teachers and families
    • Listening and supporting
    • Crisis interventions


Kayse Krouse, MSW, LMSW
Social Worker
Jill McGaughey, MSW, LMSW  
Social Worker
Susan McGaughey, MSW, LCSW

Social Worker
Betty Parker, MSW, LCSW  
Social Worker
Pendergraft, Vicki, MSW, LCSW  
Social Worker
Patsy Roycroft, MSW, LCSW  
Social Work Supervisor
Kerri Vollmer, MSW, LCSW  
Social Worker