Welcome to Rogers Virtual Learning

About Rogers Virtual Learning

  • Rogers Public Schools is offering a special service free to homeschool students in grades 6-12 to support their educational needs. Rogers Virtual Learning delivers quality curriculum and instruction online. Powered by Red Comet, Rogers Virtual Learning provides students support as they work from home.

    The program's benefits include:

    • Flexibility to study anywhere, anytime
    • Experienced, licensed teachers available online
    • Supportive school and technical assistance
    • High-quality lessons and mastery-based assessments
    • Curriculum for core subject areas and electives

    For more information, contact Darla Tomasko, director of curriculum and instruction, at darla.tomasko@rpsar.net or 479-631-3560.

Is RVL for you?

  • An ideal RVL candidate is a self-starter who is proficient on state tests and has a supportive learning coach (parent, guardian, tutor, etc.) available to regularly monitor progress. Personal student advocacy and accountability are critical for success and students are expected to email teachers when additional academic support is needed.