• RHA - FAQs

    What is the Rogers Honors Academy?

    A district-wide effort to work with academically-motivated, enthusiastic and engaged learners to educate them and their guardians about college and help them prepare academically so that they may be accepted by top schools and, when appropriate, also receive financial aid.

    How are top colleges defined?

    We target the Top 100 national and Top 50 liberal arts colleges as ranked by US News and World Report. We also look at Colleges That Change Lives and The Princeton Review, The Best 384 colleges.

    Who will be involved?

    Students and their parents
    High School counselors and administrators
    AP teachers
    Mentor teachers

    How many students will be involved?

    We accept approximately 200 sophomores each February.

    Is the Rogers Honors Academy a separate school?

    No, it is a program located on all three Rogers high school campuses.

    How will students find out about colleges?

    We will educate students and parents about the college application process, standardized testing, financial aid and how to determine each students' best fit colleges. This will include evening and weekend meetings with parents and one-on-one and group meetings with students. We will focus on how to write college essays, from whom to request recommendation letters, how best to portray oneself on college applications, and important criteria to consider when deciding between different colleges.

    Students will attend college fairs as well as go on college tours to top colleges/universities. 

    What is required?

    Students who meet the criteria below are invited to apply. Students may join sophomore or junior year.

    Sophomore Year:
    Cumulative GPA of 3.50
    Enrolled in 2 Pre-AP or AP courses
    Community Service: Students are engaging in community service that is personally meaningful.
    Foreign Language Class: While not required for this specific year, if student hasn't already taken a foreign language class, it is recommended that they begin taking a foreign language class. Ultimately, the AP level of a foreign language is recommended.

    Junior Year:
    Cumulative GPA of 3.75
    Enrolled in 3 Pre-AP or AP courses
    Community Service: Students are engaging in community service that is personally meaningful.

    Senior Year:
    Maintain Cumulative GPA of 3.75
    Enrolled in 3 AP courses
    Complete Community Service: Students are engaging in community service that is personally meaningful.


    College Visits

    Students are required to visit at least one "Top School" (see definition of Top Schools listed above)

    Can I sign up for more than 1 trip?

    Look at all of the college trip options. Sign up for the trips that go to the schools you are most interested in visiting. If you sign up for more than one trip, please put a #1 beside your name on the trip that is your first choice. If we have too many people signing up for a particular trip, we will select students for whom this trip is #1).

    College Applications

    During their Senior Year, each RHA member must apply to at least two "Top Schools" in the U.S.

    Community Service

    Students should be involved in sustained, personally meaningful community service for at least two years. Multiple years of community service is recommended as this may increase potential admission to top colleges and universities and it provides a learning opportunity beyond school.


    An essay is required during the application process.