Visits & Guidelines

  • RHA - guidelines

    All RHA scholars MUST visit at least 1 top school (either with the RHA or on their own – documentation needed for confirmation.)

    1. Sign-up for a college visit that looks interesting to you ONLY after you have researched the college/s. Students who have been on one or two day trips will be given priority to go on the week-long trips. 

    Can I sign up for more than 1 trip?
    Look at all of the college trip options. Sign up for the trips that go to the schools you are most interested in visiting. If you sign up for more than one trip, please put a #1 beside your name on the trip that is your first choice. (That way, if we have too many people signing up for a particular trip, we will select students for whom this trip is #1)

    2. Involve your parents in the process. Talk to them about why you are interested in visiting that college.

    3. Turn in all permission forms on time. (Late paperwork - permission and medical forms - can result in losing your spot on a college trip)

    4. Talk with all of your teachers to make sure they know you will be away and get assignments ahead of time.

    5. Research the academic majors and admissions requirements at each school. Go as an informed researcher/prospective student. Have prepared questions. Be attentive in all sessions and take
    notes. (Admissions reps are often impressed when they see students taking notes…and it can help you remember information that will make your application stronger.)

    6. Be on time to: board the bus, to breakfast, to load the bus, etc.

    7. Be courteous and friendly to everyone on the trip. There will be students you don’t already know and it will be a great opportunity to expand your circle of friends.

    8. If you see that you are not able to go, you MUST let us know 4 school days in advance of the trip so we can fill your spot.

    Passwords to signup will be sent through Remind. If you do not have Remind, please email:

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