Jars of Happiness

  • Chloe Hudson, Class of 2021 Rogers Heritage High


    “In the end, I learned more from the girls than they learned from me. I learned that it’s okay to lose people and material items, as long as I don’t lose part of who I am. The girls really showed me that who I am was what I value the most.”

    Focus Areas:

    Healthy relationships, mental health, and self-esteem


    I thought about what speaks to me, my skills and talents, and what type of project could have a sustainable impact. Targeting 3rd through 5th grade girls, I collaborated with a teacher partner, and taught two lessons each week for four months. Each lesson included essential questions, an activity or game, and ended with the girls writing good, positive messages about themselves or someone else to go into the jars. At the end of the project, I gave the girls their jars with the notes, so they could know how much they are appreciated and valued by others and that they are great individuals!

Jars of Happiness
Jars of Happiness