Able Apparel

  • Grace Benish: Class of 2022 Rogers Heritage High School


    “I am passionate about the needs of Special Education students, and I am also a very creative person who wants to give back to the community.”

    Focus Area:

    Special Education Awareness


    I want to share my love of Special Education students and I am also a young entrepreneur with my own T-shirt design company. My Service Learning Community Project will incorporate my passion for Special Education students and my talent designing t-shirts in a project, Able Apparel, which will provide free T-shirts to approximately 50 students who will participate in the spring 2021 Special Olympics Program at Heritage High School. If you would like to make a donation, please contact me on my Instagram page, GracesDesigns

Grace Benish
Claire, Grace’s Cousin, wearing a shirt designed and created by Grace.
Grace Benish
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Grace Benish
Janni, Grace’s Special Education “Best Buddy” at Heritage High School