Flex Day

  • FLEX  Day Procedures:

    One 6 hour day of professional development should be completed for the 2021-2022 school year. those who have completied FLEX PD will not be required to attend PD on November 22, 2021.   
    FLEX day activities will be collected by building administrators, you can send your FLEX day plans to your principal.  On May 21, principals must have FLEX day requests approved for Assistant Supertindent (K-5) or (6-12) to review and approve prior to the end of school.

    Check here for a list of district provided summer professional development opportunities:

    RPS Elementary Opportunities (K-5)  

    RPS Secondary Opportuntities (6-12)

    NWAESC Catalog


    How do I register for a FLEX day? 

    The first step is to request approval from your building principal PRIOR to registeration.

    PD-IN-DISTRICT Sessions:  Register for IN-DISTRICT workshops in KALPA, you can locate courses using the date of the training, name of the course\session, or KALPA course # 

    NWAC COOP Workshops:  Register for Coop workshops at their website: https://www.escweb.net/ar_esc/default.aspx

    How will I know if I am approved?

    Your principal will communicate approvals prior to the end of school.

    Upon recieving request approval, do I need to sign up?
              YES, you still must register for the PD session in KALPA (enroll in course) or at the coop website linked above.

    What if I need to change my plans?
              Your first step is to contact your principal about approval of FLEX DAY changes.

    If a registration fee is paid by the district, can the activity count as FLEX credit?
              It depends on what funds are used. Federal funds cannot be used to meet any part of state or district requirements (supplanting)
              It is not allowable to pay registration out of one fund and rooms out of federal funds, and count the event for FLEX

    How do I document credit for PD in KALPA?
            IN-DISTRICT WORKSHOPS:  PD credit for Flex day will be given when attendance is validated

            COOP WORKSHOPS: Reports are pulled after attendance is verified by the Coop, RPS staff credit is entered into KALPA, so it is NOT NECESSARY to submit special requests in KALPA for COOP workshops. 

    OTHER OUT of DISTRICT Workshops:  When the PD office knows about workshop travel the PD will be created and recorded in KALPA.  If not, you can SUBMIT a SPECIAL REQUEST for credit.  (If several staff attend the same workshop you can notify Lisa Lawyer lisa.lawyer@rpsar.net and one entry can be made, saving time.)  Please be prepared to upload your attendance record or certificate of training.


  • Source of funding for PD:

    Title I - NO
    Title IIA - NO
    Title III - NO
    ELL - NO
    NSLA - NO
    Perkins - NO
    Title VI B - NO
    PD - YES
    Reward Money - YES
    Any Building Fund - YES
    Activity Fund - YES
    AP Incentive Funds - YES

    New hires receive FLEX credit for NEW Teacher Orientation.