GANAG Overview: Making Connections to High-Yield Strategies

  • Dr. Jane E. Pollock is using the Schema for Master Learners as she works with a group of Rogers Schools educators.

    The Schema is based on the components of the "Big Four" which are

    1. Use of a well-articulated curriculum
    2. Plan for delivery
    3. Varied assessment
    4. Criterion-based feedback.

    The Schema includes a set of sequenced lesson planning steps abbreviated, "GANAG", which allows the teacher to plan for the student use of research-based instructional strategies. For more in-depth information, please refer to the book, Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time or contact your academic facilitator.

    High-Yield Strategy Booklet

    High-Yield Strategy VoiceThread

Beginning of the Lesson

Middle of the Lesson

End of the Lesson

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