Cooperative Learning

Smart Notebook Ideas

  • Inside - Outside Circles

  • Cooperative Learning

Web Resources

  • Putting the Pieces Together: Cooperative Learning

  • Webquests

  • Blogs through SchoolFusion

  • Online Tools

Office and Other Templates

  • Two Truths and a Lie/Find-the-Fiction Template - Students write two truths and a lie.  The partners/team determine which is the lie and which are true.
    Brainstorming/Affinity Diagram

    Groups can use the Affinity Diagram when they are confronted with a variety facts or ideas that might seem unrelated, issues seem too large and complex to grasp, or group consensus is necessary. Students use sticky notes to record their ideas and then group them into like categories.

Web-based Programs

  • Carousel Feedback through VoiceThread
    VoiceThread provides a way for users to comment on media including images, documents, or videos.  Teachers/students can upload projects and have other students or groups rotate through the projects providing feedback or in VoiceThread terms comments.