Student Testimonials

  • "RVL has been a great way to earn credits and receive feedback from teachers on a one-on-one basis. Your responses go directly to a teacher and their feedback goes directly to you. If your work needs improvement, your teacher will let you know what you need to fix so that you can do better in the future." Murphy, 2020

    "Virtual school is completely different than in person school. It is at your own pace and on an accelerated time table. It does take a lot of commitment and trial and error. But other than that, it's a great program and alternative to in person school." Sydney, 2020

    "I’m happy to say that RVL exceeded my expectations. The instructors were helpful and the layout of the courses was very user-friendly and easy to maneuver. I was impressed with the quick responses that I got both during my registration for the classes and while taking the classes. While the courses are self-taught and self-paced, I never felt there was not help available or struggled with any aspect of the course. During my registration, I felt Ms. Tomasko had my best interest at heart and wanted to see each student succeed in their virtual learning experience. I would highly recommend the Rogers Virtual Learning." Emma, 2020

    "My daughter has told me some of the concepts she is learning has been hard for her to learn on her own, but she is reluctant to contact the instructor for help. I think that is a major problem to virtual learning since she does not know the instructor. Somedays, she says the work is easy, but a number of days, they take her till the evening to complete. We are very grateful for the opportunity to do this over the summer." summer extension parent, 2020