RPS Common Working Vocabulary

  • Arkansas Ready for Learning

    Comprehensive guidelines provided by the State of Arkansas for public schools to re-open this fall.  This plan outlines steps for “before school opens” planning considerations, and outlines planning for “when schools are open and operating”.  Arkansas re-engage planning guide addresses the following areas:  academics, human capital, student support, stakeholder communication, family and community engagement, district operations & fiscal governance and facilities & transportation

    Blended Learning

    utilizing a combination of face-to-face instruction, technology and structures to ensure that Teaching and Learning continues regardless of the location, time or situation.  This learning occurs in the classroom and/or the classroom setting.


    School building or RPS facility

    Virtual Learning

    Involves utilizing technology to access educational resources, providing instruction and support to students and parents.

    Virtual Student - enrollment option: (K-5 Virtual or 6-12 Red Comet)

    a student enrolled in the Rogers Virtual Learning academy, A 6th -12th grade student’s education will be provided by Red Comet. Students and parents understand this choice reduces their available course offering.
    (Exception:  If AP class is not offered through Red Comet or athletics/extra curricular)

    Remote Learning

    Teaching and Learning that happens in an adjusted manner, provided through our Blended Learning structure.  School is not possible within our Brick-n-Motor facilities.  (typically a period of time, similar to AMI instruction days)  This is a PIVOT from how we typically conduct school.


    DESE term that means a necessary change in the location of learning.  Changing from a traditional education setting to a remote location for both teachers and students.  This refers to our flexibility and preparations for continuous learning to occur.
    (Agility and familiarity with blended learning structures, causing little disruption to continued quality teaching and learning)


    Point of Contact for the RPS community to streamline sharing of information with appropriate agencies or individuals.  Responsible for the timely flow of information and providing guidance for the appropriate responses based upon that information/specific situation.  (Mr. Lee)


    Learning Management System (Google Classroom)
    Platform you are going to use for blended learning, which should be a part of each school day

    Synchronous Learning

    Asynchronous Learning