Remote Teaching and Learning

  • In remote teaching and learning, students learn through asynchronous instruction unless the schools/district is closed due to COVID-19, then students will learn through asynchronous and synchronous instruction.

    Student Expectations

    • Participate in and asynchronous and synchronous instruction
      • Asynchronous instruction
      • Synchronous instruction (when schools are closed due to COVID-19)
    • Complete and submit work through your Learning Management System
    • Take care of your technology device and follow the Acceptable Use Agreement.

    Parents and Families

    • Update your phone numbers and addresses when changes occur. It is very important the school can get a hold of you at all times.
    • Have a designated learning space in your home for remote learning.
    • Keep your students on a routine while the student is remote learning
    • Contact the teacher through the Learning Management System or email if you have questions
    • Communicate with school immediately if your student has tested positive for COVID-19 or has a close exposure to someone that is COVID-19 positive.
    • Communicate to the school when your child needs to be absent from school.
    • Enroll student(s) in Back-to-School Registration Gateway

    Teacher Expectations

    • If schools are closed because of COVID-19, teachers will provide a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities for students using the following guidelines:
      • 4 hrs max/day = High School/Jr. High
      • 4 hrs max/day = Middle School
      • 4 hrs max/day = Grades 3 - 5
      • 3 hrs max/day = Grades K - 2
        • These can be chunked in any combination - they do not have to (or need to) be large blocks of time. Please communicate with other teachers to ensure learning is not exceeding the guidelines.
    • Focus on teaching essential standards
    • Assess students and develop personalized learning plans
    • Design lessons that are easily adaptable for a small group or individual instruction
    • Maximize the amount of time instructing students through one on one student conferencing, direct instruction, and assessment
    • Attend all PLC’s and school led faculty meetings
    • Prepare students to be on-site learners and remote learners
    • Establish routines and procedures for on-site learning and remote learning
    • Follow student IEP’s, LPAC’s, and 504 plans. Collaborate with special education and ESL teachers to ensure all student modifications and accommodations are being met
    • Load lessons and student activities into the Learning Management System for asynchronous student learning
    • Use the remote lesson planning checklist when creating remote videos
    • Be familiar, proficient, and consistent with their LMS 

    District & Building Expectations

    • Communicate with stakeholders on an ongoing basis through social media, Thrillshare, text messages, and phone calls
    • Work in collaboration with state and local health officials
    • Promote best practices to establish a positive learning environment
    • Provide tools and resources to highly engaging, rigorous learning experiences for all students.
    • Access community partners to provide supports for building/family needs
    • Support a healthy work-life balance for faculty and staff