Safety Considerations

  • Rogers High School cares about the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors.  Several changes have been made to prepare for the reopening of our district in the safest manner possible.  The following is a list of services and proactive steps.

    Nursing Preparations

    • RPS Health Services
    • Parents will screen their students daily before putting students on a bus or dropping them off at school.
    • Students will access the Nurses office through the door that exits into the hallway.
    • Teachers will receive protocols for monitoring for symptoms at school and for assisting symptomatic students to the nurses office. 

    Maintenance Preparations

    • Classrooms with tables will have acrylic screens between students for added safety when social distancing is not available.
    • 3 Water bottle refill stations have been added to our existing stations in the school.
    • Signage throughout the school for movement patterns between classes. Along with signage for social distancing and face coverings.
    • Sanitizer stations will be placed at all entrances to building
    • Floor markings will be installed and crowd control barriers will be utilized for movement throughout the building.

    Custodial Preparations

    • Each Classroom will have Hand Sanitizer available for students and teachers.
    • A custodian will be allocated for disinfecting any areas throughout the day as needed.
    • Each classroom will be provided an approved cleaning spray and towels to quickly wipe down surfaces between groups of students.

    Foodservice Preparations

    • 17 new outdoor tables have been ordered to allow for student seating in additional areas of the courtyard.
    • Students will sit with 3 per table in the commons and outside. Additionally, students will be able to sit on the Left side of outdoor stairs, along the rail on the upper walkway, down the main commons hallway. We will also allow for lunch seating in the Main Gym. 
      Students will have grouped assigned seating for meal consumption.
      Prepackaged food items will be available during breakfast and lunches
      Food service kiosks will be stationed to help with social distancing. 
      Food will be “pre-packaged” onsite and sealed. There will be no self serve lines.
      Parents are encouraged to open an online payment account through to limit the exchange of cash.
      Lunch schedules will be adjusted to allow adequate time for cleaning and disinfecting between groups or after meals.