Visitor Protocol

    • Visitors to the school will be allowed for school business only. 
    • A final decision on how PTO meetings will be conducted has not been made but virtual meetings could be an option.
    • All doors to Rogers High School will be locked daily from 8:22 a.m. to 3:34 p.m.  Visitors and/or Guardians should enter through the doors on the east side of the high school (off Dixieland Road).
    • A new safety procedure will require all visitors to “buzz” the office and state their business. Secretaries will be able to hear and see the visitor. Secretaries will unlock the door remotely and instruct the visitor to the main office.
    • Each visitor will be asked  to complete an Arkansas Department of Health screening form, and produce their drivers’ licenses (or other approved state-issued ID) which will be entered in our visitor management system. The Raptor system screens visitors against the sex offender registries in every state, and against each school’s database for custody issues and other customized alerts.