• To Our Elmwood Community,

    It is no secret that these are strange and unprecedented times. While this school year will look very different

    from previous years we are excited to get it started and are driven by the idea of getting to see our students

    again. To say we have missed them would be a huge understatement. We remain dedicated to delivering the

    highest quality instruction in the safest environment possible. Below you will find an outline of our safety

    procedures and guidelines for the year. These procedures are designed to protect our students, our staff, and

    our Elmwood families. The success of these guidelines will require the support and cooperation of all

    Elmwood stakeholders. We understand that there will be questions surrounding this document so feel free to

    email one of our administrators for more information. We are all in this together! We can’t wait to see your

    children again soon.

    Before School:

    ● Students are encouraged to arrive no earlier than 7:45 AM, and no later than 8:00 AM.

    ● Breakfast will be offered free of charge to all students in a ‘grab and go’ format.

    ● Students will eat in assigned classrooms with assigned seating beginning at 7:45 AM.

    ● Students will be required to wear face coverings and social distance once they arrive on campus.

    Class periods:

    ● To minimize touching of surfaces, a Chromebook will be assigned to each student.

    ● Classroom doors will be propped open, but remain locked between classes. This minimizes touching.

    ● Social distance as much as possible and face coverings will be required.

    ● Teachers will monitor the number of students leaving a class at any one time to restroom areas.

    ● Outdoor instruction and use of larger venues will be encouraged.

    ● Seating will be spread out to maximum distance based on classroom space.

    ● Table shields will be utilized where possible when students must sit at shared table locations.

    ● Sharing of classroom materials will be limited.

    ● Hand sanitizer will be provided in each classroom and students are encouraged to carry their own personal hand sanitizer with them.

    ● Teachers will wipe down desktop surfaces frequently.

    ● Guests and speakers will not be permitted to visit classrooms.

    ● Pep rallies and large gatherings are prohibited.

    Passing Periods:

    ● Hallway traffic patterns will be taught to minimize congestion.

    ● Signage will be posted throughout the buildings to help direct.


    ● A staggered release will be utilized to minimize students waiting for food.

    ● Assigned seating will be used.

    ● Limited lunch selections will be available to expedite the lunch line.

    ● No visitors will be permitted at lunchtime.


    ● Academic lockers will not be available for this school year to minimize gathering.

    ● PE lockers will not be utilized and dressing out will not be required.

    ● Backpacks will be encouraged for personal belongings.

    After School:

    ● Student dismissal will occur in a staggered release format.

    ● Walkers will be released first and should leave the building immediately.

    ● Car riders will await pickup outside and should maintain social distancing and continue to wear their face coverings.

    ● Bus riders will be directed to their busses at appropriate times.

    Back to School:

    ● Back to school tours and information will be conducted virtually and be available via school social media.

    ● A mailing from the school will contain student schedules and other information. Please look for this letter to arrive one week before school starts.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work diligently to provide a safe and engaging

    environment for your child this school year. As always, feel free to contact the school with any questions or concerns.


    Elmwood Middle School Administration