Technology Support for Parents and Students

  • Each student will be provided with equipment and the support they need whether they are participating in blended learning on-site at the school or virtual learning off-site at home. They will have access to a

    The schools will help connect families who do not have adequate internet access to supportvirtual and remote learning with potential options including:

    Internet access through hot spots in school parking lots at Reagan (3904 W. Olive), Mathias (1609 N. 24th), Oakdale (511 N. Dixieland), and Garfield (18432 Marshall, Garfield). School devices connect automatically; others can use the Guest network and thepassword honor500.

Internet Safety FAQ

  • What precautions are in place to block spam and malicious emails to student accounts?

    Students use Google accounts assigned by the district within a private Google domain.  The gmail security under our domain is the same as for a regular gmail account, protected by Google’s spam/malicious e-mail filters. (We also have access to more advanced education-specific settings we manage as part of the G-suite toolkit for education to prevent bad actors from getting email to students.)


    Are internet searches on district Chromebooks filtered for children?

    We have installed filtering software on each Chromebook which routes all web requests through a third-party database that has over 10 billion known sites (this number grows by about 22 million new web addresses daily.)  While no filtering solution can block all malicious content on the internet, we believe we have invested wisely in an industry leading solution to protect our students.


    Are students trained about internet safety? 

    Each student is taught a lesson on internet security and safety every school year, using instructional materials from Common Sense Media and other resources promoting safe internet use.