• FAQ Page


  • Q: What do school counselors do?

    A: As professional school counselors, we work in three areas:

    • Academic needs
    • College & career planning
    • Social/emotional/personal issues

    Q: What are school counselors not in charge of?

    A: We are not in charge of:

    • Attendance
    • 504 plans
    • IEPs
    • Disciplinary issues

    For these issues, please contact your child’s Assistant Principal, their SPED Case Manager or the Attendance Secretary (Mrs. Estes, dana.estes@rpsar.net.)

    Q: How do I stay informed?

    A: To post information for both students and parents, we use:

    • Remind
    • Google Classroom
    • Instagram
    • Facebook

    See our "STAY CONNECTED" page for more info. Be sure to also follow the school's RHS Mounties accounts.

    Q: How do I request a transcript? 

    A: Transcript requests are processed through the RHS Registrar's office. To request a transcript, you can email Ms. Atkinson at wendy.atkinson@rpsar.net.

    Q: Can my school counselor help me with college scholarships? 

    A: Yes! However, you may also visit the RHS Scholarship Website or contact the RHS Scholarship Coordinator, Ms. Matkowski, at ellen.matkowski@rpsar.net.