• Naviance

  • Welcome to the Naviance asistance page. This page contains the links to help you connect with the college and career readiness portal. This has been designed to provide students with college planning and career assessment tools. You can check application status and request transcripts to be sent in a quick manner. 

  • High School 4 years go faster than you think. Planning is the first step to success.  Follow our tutorial to get you started.

    Smart Goals make it easier to get from point A  point B. Take full advantage of this platform for all your goals Personal, Academic and Career! 

     Use the help provided by Naviance to Build and Update your resume on the To-Dos and Task. 

    Follow the tutorial and take the survey to find out your potential strengths! 

    Clever is a service that makes it easier to use education technology. You can find the Navience App on the Clever landing page.