• Membership


    The mission of the Rogers Honors Academy is to promote academic excellence and provide students with the skills and support needed to attend college and potentially get admitted to the top schools in the US.

    This endeavor involves: 

    • Educating parents and students about college choice so they can make informed decisions
    • Expanding the possibilities open to students through increased understanding about college admissions, financial aid, and through visits to colleges and exposure to college representatives 
    • Increasing the number of Rogers Public Schools’ college-going students and supporting underrepresented students in this process


    To become a scholar in the Rogers Honors Academy, students must meet the following expectations: 


    Expectations for Scholars

    Rogers Honors Academy scholars will experience a rigorous curriculum, excel in coursework and their relationships with others, and meet high expectations for personal conduct. They will be academically motivated, engage enthusiastically with new world experiences and diverse perspectives, be respectful in their interactions, and enthusiastic and caring citizens of their local and world community.  In addition, they will:


    • Attendance at RHA Programming offered during Advisory is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in one semester of probation
    • Graduate with a GPA of 3.75 or higher, having taken 3 pre-AP or AP classes Junior and Senior year
    • Communicate effectively with teachers, counselors and mentors and actively pursue additional assistance when needed
    • Produce work of high quality and contribute positively to their learning community
    • Attend college fairs, college admissions presentations, and other college-related activities and events that are sponsored or recommended by RHA. 
    • Participate in ACT and/or SAT preparation workshops
    • Go on college visits when possible to do so
    • Parent/Guardian and student will meet at least one time with RHA college advisor (this can be done over google meet).
    • Get involved in community service and/or help consistently with family or home obligations, and work in a job


    No longer taking applications for Class of 2023. Please check back next school year.


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