Family Commitments

    • Build a schedule. A big part of your child's success depends on structure. Their daily schedule can be flexible to fit your family needs, but needs to be consistent.
    • Encourage hard work and persistence.
    • Ensure accountability by checking student work daily and grades weekly with your students. Have them show you what they have done and engage them in conversations about what they are learning.
    • Ensure your child has a designated place to work that is free from distractions.
    • Get to know the online learning platform by attending a virtual orientation.
    • Check your RVL student’s grades weekly.
    • Stay in communication with your child's assigned Rogers School District teacher.
    • Anticipate challenges, remain flexible, and know that we are in this together.

Teacher Commitments

    • Ensure presence and availability during your scheduled workday to assist students and families.
    • Be familiar with grade/subject content/assignments of your assigned FVLS courses.
    • Promote student success through clear expectations, prompt responses, and regular/actionable feedback.
    • Utilize the RPS email system and district approved supports to maintain regular communication with students.
    • Maintain a log of all communication with students and parents.
    • Outline how students can obtain additional help and guidance from you while completing assignments, projects, etc.
    • Plan, design, and incorporate weekly virtual learning experiences for students to engage collaboratively.
    • Monitor assignment submissions and communication with students to remind them of missed and/or upcoming deadlines.
    • Collaborate with SPED, 504, and ESOL support personnel to ensure individual student needs are met through accommodations and modifications of the online classroom environment.