RVL Administration Commitments

    • Quality standards-based curriculum that is delivered through a platform that provides easy accessibility.
    • Supplemental materials that can be checked out through our RVL campus for student learning.
    • Frequent communication about registration, class schedules, testing dates, school activities, and progress.
    • Prompt and professional replies to student and family communication.
    • Opportunities for student and parent engagement throughout the school year.
    • Provide on-campus workspace available for students.
    • Ensure appropriate technical support to students and families

RVL Administrators

Important Test Dates

  • Please keep in contact with the RVL director for dates. State assessments include:

    ACT AspireAdministered to some 6th- 10th graders in Rogers Virtual Learning.*

    ACTAdministered to some 11th graders in Rogers Virtual Learning.*
    National ACT exams on predetermined National ACT test dates. Registration and schedules can be found online by searching [ACT.org national test dates]
    Arkansas Civics ExamArkansas Civics Exam is a graduation requirement of all Arkansas students, ACT 478.
    All RPS high school students enrolled in Civics take the exam.
    If you missed it, you will test before graduation.

    AP CollegeBoardAdvanced Placement Exams Students that enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) classes are expected to complete the course by taking the AP exam. Weighted credit will only be given upon completion of the AP exam that corresponds to the AP class taken.


    *Homeschool students will not test with RPS study