Education with Integrity

  • All assignments are assumed to be the student's original work. Violations of this standard are reported to the student, parent/guardian, and RVL administration. The student will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Plagiarism generally occurs in two situations. The first is when a writer fails to give proper credit to outside information or ideas that he or she used; this is common during the research process.

    The second type of plagiarism occurs when students intentionally attempt to “pass off” unoriginal work as their own. Not only is this a breach of academic honesty, but it also circumvents the learning process. As an educational community, we strive to prepare students for a successful post-secondary experience. Only if we have access to a student’s original work can we accomplish this goal.

    • First Offense-teacher contacts student and parent with an opportunity to redo the assignment.
    • Second Offense-teacher contacts student and RVL administration, student and parent meet with RVL administration, student has an opportunity for redo.
    • Third Offense** -teacher notification to student, parent, and administration that no credit awarded for assignment.

    **any offense after the third may result in a referral back to the building

Safe and Secure

  • Rogers Public Schools strives to maintain a safe environment both physically and virtually. Security software installed on every Rogers Public Schools device enables school personnel to monitor student activity online. Activity is monitored on personal accounts when accessed with a RPS device. Additionally, when logged into a students’ RPS30 account on a personal device, activity within the RPS30 account is monitored.

    A good rule of thumb is if it is appropriate on a billboard or in front of your grandmother, then it is likely appropriate on a school device.

    OUR goal is providing a safe and secure learning environment for Rogers Public School students.