• Rogers Public Education Foundation Rogers Public Education Foundation (RPEF) promotes and enhances the quality of education in our community by collecting & distributing money for worthwhile academic programs that would normally not be funded.  

    All RPS teachers are encouraged to apply for these RPEF grants!
    DEADLINE: February 14, 2021
    Grant applications must be submitted by 6:00 pm.
       Applications must be submitted on-line
    You may want to become familiar with the grant application before beginning the application on-line.  
    Click here for an example to help in preparation:  RPEF Grant Planning Application

    Before submitting an application, please confer with the building principal to determine whether the request can be funded through district funds.  Submit the application on-line using the following link:
    RPEF Spring Application 2020-2021

    After the deadline, a report of applications will be sent for approval to the building principal.  Approved applications will be submitted by the district to the Rogers Public Education Foundation for consideration.  If a teacher is awarded a grant, and then changes buildings within the RPS district, their Grant Award will need to be reviewed/approved by the Rogers Public Education Foundation board.  RPEF will not fund SmartBoards, subscriptions, travel, memberships, professional development or teacher training.

    Technology Requests: 
    If technology equipment is included in the grant proposal, please use prices from the technology equipment price list provided. 
    Click here: District Technology List
  • If you have any questions about the status of your grant, please contact Danya Scheiderer, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instruction 9-12


  • Award notifications are made each spring by RPEF board members. Grant recipients will be notified in early May, funding codes will be provided to the building's fiscal agent for purchase order purposes. (principal, secretary, etc.)  

    Grant recipients should be prepared to show documentation of the use of grant funds and provide a review of the project implementation through print, photos, and/or video.

Grant Expenditure Procedures

  • Purchase of Technology Items

  • Purchase of Non-Technology Itesm