• Students in the 6th and 7th grade REACH Reading are encouraged to complete competitive edge project(s) yearly. This is part of the middle school gifted/talented program. In addition, most competitive edge opportunities are available to all students. Those participating in a competitive edge project must meet the requirements defined by the competition, contest, etc. Each school will offer a selection of competitive edge projects based on the availability of coaches and school's choice.

    Competitive edge involves: 

    • recognizing one's interest and matching them with projects that are enjoyable
    • selecting a goal and meeting the criteria
    • reading the "rules and regulations" thoroughly and making sure that all requirements are met
    • having fun while learning to meet a personal or team challenge

    If you are interested in contests and have a talent for being able to think quickly, have a good memory, think divergently or "out of the box" using your creativity, love to write and publish stories, develop your problem solving skills, or want a new challenge, then this site will give you the skills to develop the "competitive edge".