Identifying REACH Students

  • What indicators may describe a student needing program services? 

    The student may:

    • Be unusually curious and/or persistent.
    • Have an unusually large vocabulary for age.
    • Display long-term recall of much information.
    • Learn to read on their own.
    • Possess a keen sense of humor.
    • Show unusual independence for age.
    • Be creative and imaginative beyond age mates.
    • Tend to be a perfectionist.
    • Sustain interest in one or more fields of knowledge over years.
    • Have self-directed interests.
    • Easily master intellectual skills.
    • Be interested in and concerned about community/world problems. 
    • Often be self-critical and overly sensitive.
    • Continually question the status quo.
    • Apply learning from one situation to another.
    • Solve problems in a unique manner
    • Have different behavior style.
    • Enjoy reading about a wide range of topics.
    • Reason abstractly.

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