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    The Write Tools
         Intro Activity - design a name tag

    General STEM Challenges
    The following challenges are written for K-5 use.  The challenge can be done as the "general" challenge or you can use the differentiated version for your grade level.  All levels (general and K-5) are included in the file.
        The Art Exhibit

        Get the Table Ready       
                  SMART Notebook          Student Pages PDF  WORD  (more appropriate for upper grades but can be modified)

    ELA Unit 1
    Back-to-School Design Challenge
         Text Connection:  Any Back to School Book of Teacher's Choice
         *This challenge is intended to introduce the Engineering Design Loop process

    The Mitten Challenge
         Text Connection:  The Mitten by Jan Brett

    REACH STEM Enrichment Lesson:   Lights On...Lights Off      Examples of Products

    ELA Unit 2
    Wagons Ho
         Text Connection:  Cowboys and Cowgirls, Yippee-Yay  by Gail Gibbons and/or Cowboys by Lucille Penner 

    Princess and the Pea
         Text Connection:  The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Anderson

    ELA Unit 3
    Skywalker Support
         Text Connections:  Bridges: Amazing Structures to Design, Build & Test by Carol A Johmann and Pop's Bridge by Eve Bunting
         Bridge Basics Info Sheet                    In My Opinion... Opinion Writing about Bridges

    Charlottes' Feast
         Text Connection: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

    Ahmed's Delivery
         Text Connection:  Ahmed's Secret by Florence Parry Heide & Judity Heide Gilliland

    ELA Unit 4
    Freedom Raft
         Text Connection:  Friend on Freedom River by Gloria Whelan

    Packing For Freedom
         Text Connection:  Moses by Carole Weatherford

    ELA Unit 5
    Shelter from the Storm
         Text Connection:  Houses and Homes  by Ann Morris
    Monkey Business
         Text Connection:  Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

    ELA Unit 6
    Tall Tower     
    Marshmallow challenge
         Text Connection:  The Skeleton Inside You  by Phillip Balestrino
         * Both challenges provide similar experiences with different materials and constraints


    Online STEM Resources  list of resources found online