• Phonological Awareness

    3rd-5th 1 Minute Activities DOC

    PAST Progression of Phonemic Awareness Skills to the Advanced Level DOC


    How to Teach Phonological Awareness PPT
    Hierarchy for Phonological Awareness Skills SLIDES

    Word Awareness 
    Word Count SLIDES
    Count Words in Sentences LINK 


    Introduction to Syllables 
    Feeling Syllables SLIDES

    Count Syllables

    Word Count SLIDES 
    Counting Syllable Activities LINK 

    Blend Syllables

    Snail Speech SLIDES
    Stringing Syllables Together SLIDES

    Segment Syllables

    Clapping Names LINK 

    Delete Syllables 

    Two-Syllable Words, Part 1 LINK 
    Two-Syllable Words, Part 2 LINK 
    Two-Syllable Words, Part 3 LINK 
    Two-Syllable Words, Part 4 LINK 
    Two-Syllable Words, Part 5 LINK 


    Onset- Rime
    Onset and Rime Activities LINK


    I have... Who has...? Game for listening for rhymes SLIDES  version two SLIDES
    Rhyming Activities LINK 
    Rhyming Songs and Poems LINK 
    Rhyme and Movement LINK 



    Alliteration Activities LINK 


    Identify Phonemes 

    Phoneme Matching Activities LINK 

    Blend Phonemes

    Phoneme Segmenting and Blending Activities LINK 

    Segment Phonemes

    Phoneme Segmenting Activites LINK
    Phoneme Segmenting and Blending Activities LINK 

    Manipulate Phonemes 

    Phoneme Manipulation Activites  LINK 
    Phoneme Manipulation Activities (Level 2) LINK 


    Fall Kindergarten Phonological Awareness Assessment DOC
    Winter Kindergarten Phonological Awareness Assessment DOC
    Spring Kindergarten Phonological Awareness Assessment DOC
    Syllable Type Assessment DOC