• Resources to Improve Student Learning


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    This is a collection of resources that complement our work with Dr. Jane E. Pollock, author of 
    One Teacher at a Time.

    GANAG Resources

    Superhero Teacher      


    GANAG and the High-Yield Strategies

    Unit Planning

    Using the Big Four to Plan a Unit   PDF

    Scoring to the Standards
    Garfield Elementary  PPT
    • Mr. Schacht explains how he uses his iPad for scoring  MP4

    Ms. Jones 2nd Grade  PPT
    Interview Questions-
    • If you were reluctant to start scoring, why?    wmv
    • What is most challenging about scoring to the standards? wmv
    • How has scoring to the standards impacted your planning, instruction and feedback?  wmv

    Thinking Skills

    Steps for Critical Thinking Skills
    K-2  PDF
    3-5   PDF

    Indentify Similarities and Differences


    Little Red Riding Hood & Lon Po Po   Day 1  PPT  Day 2  PPT Day 3  PPT
    Red & Trainstop  PPT

    1st GRADE

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf  PPT
    The Blind Men and the Elephant & Seven Blind Mice  PPT

    4th GRADE

    Electrical Circuit PPT
    Limerick  PPT


    5th GRADE

    Pioneer Schools  PPT

    Using Analysis Techniques

    Student Objective Score Sheets      

    Sample Elementary Effort Rubric WORD
    Elementary Cooperative Learning Rubric WORD



    Kindergarten Scoring Examples- J. Kirkland   PPT 
    Objective Scoring Rubric- A.Jamison   PDF
    Objective Scoring Rubric- A. Jamison, S. Jordan  WORD  PDF
    Objective Scoring Rubric- J. Kirkland   WORD  PDF
    Objective Scoring Rubric- S. Craton  WORD  PDF
    Effort Rubric- A. Marley  WORD  PDF
    Effort Rubric- M. Phinney  WORD  PDF
    Effort Rubric- S. Craton  WORD   PDF
    Effort Rubric- J. Bright  WORD

    1st Grade

    C.G.I. Notebook Example- J.Felts   PPT
    Objective Score Sheet- A.Cobb   WORD  PDF
    Objective Score Sheet with Science and S.S.- A.Cobb  WORD  PDF
    Effort Rubric- K.Stitt  WORD  PDF
    Listening Effor Rubric- J. Berry WORD  PDF
    Effort Rubric- A. Latimer  WORD

    2nd Grade

    Effort Rubric- M. Gravley  PDF
    Effort Score Sheet- M. Graveley PDF
    Objective Score Sheet- S. Lane  WORD  PDF
    Objective Score Sheet with Effort Score- S.Lane  WORD  PDF
    Windshield Check Objective Scoring Rubric- J. Sexton  WORD  PDF
    2nd Grade Effort Rubric- B. Clowers  WORD  PDF
    Effort Rubric- B. Zabinski  WORD  PDF
    Objective Scoring Rubric- S. Hill  WORD  PDF
    Effort Rubric- S. Hill  WORD  PDF

    3rd Grade

    3rd Grade Objective Scoring Rubric- K. Meyer  WORD
    3rd Grade Objective Scoring Rubric- J. Sallis  WORD
    3rd Grade Effort Rubric- H.Hart   WORD
    Writing Rubric with Effort- Northside  WORD 
    3rd Grade Effort Lesson- M. Hale  SMART
    3rd Grade Effort Rubric (Amos and Boris) K. Fordyce  WORD

    4th Grade

    4th Grade Literacy Score Sheet Example- Lowell Elementary  PPT
    4th Grade Objective Scoring Rubric- M. Jeffery  WORD
    4th Grade Objective Scoring Rubric- V. Bayles  WORD

    5th Grade

    5th Grade Reading Score Sheet Example- J.Humble  PPT
    5th Grade Interactive Notebook Template and Rubric- J. Humble  PPT
    5th Grade Effort Rubric- S. Harp   WORD

    Objective Score Sheet- adaptation from secondary example  WORD

    Objective Score Sheet (w/Effort Score)- 
    adaptation from secondary example  WORD

    Students &Teachers Talking about Objective Score Sheets-  VIDEOS


    Videos for Teaching Effort

    The Death  Crawl Scene from "Facing the Giants"   YouTube
    Star Football Player Steps Out of his Comfort Zone  YouTube
    Cliff Young  YouTube
    Will Smith  YouTube

    Lesson Plan Templates


    Blank Lesson Plan Template  WORD

    GANAG Lesson Plan #1   WORD

    GANAG Lesson Plan #2   WORD

    GANAG Lesson Plan #3   WORD

    GANAG  Template  WORD         AGNAG  Template  WORD

    ESOL Lesson Plan      Blank  WORD    Sample  PDF

    Kindergarten Lesson Plan- J. Kirkland   EXCEL

    Lesson Plan with dropdown HY strategies   WORD    WORD


    GANAG & Technology

    Resources to support GANAG and the High Yield Strategies


    Interactive Notebooks

    3rd Grade Personalized Notebook Covers  

    KINDERGARTEN Notebooks
    Celebrations Notebook

    American Symbols Notebook 

    Math Lesson  PPT


    High Yield Strategies



    Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback  PDF
    Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition  PDF
          -Effort Lesson  PPT
         - Sample Elementary Effort Rubric WORD


    Nonlinguistic Representation  PDF
    Cooperative Learning  PDF
    Questions, Cues and Advance Organizers PDF


    Summarizing  PDF
    Note Taking  PDF
    Homework and Practice PDF


    Identifying Similarities and Differences PDF
    Generating and Testing Hypothesis  PDF
    Questions, Cues and Advance Organizers  PDF