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Youth Suicide Prevention

  • According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide (i.e., taking one's own life) is a serious public health problem that affects even young people. For youth between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death.

    Risk Factors:

    • History of previous suicide attempts
    • Family history of suicide
    • History of depression or other mental illness
    • Alcohol or drug abuse
    • Stressful life event or loss
    • Easy access to lethal methods
    • Exposure to the suicidal behavior of others
    • Incarceration 

    Resources for Help:

    • Crisis mental health / suicide ideation telephone call 988 
    • School Counselor
    • Physician/health care providers
    • Mental health specialist
    • Private clinics and facilities
    • Emergency medical: 911

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