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Vision Statement

Rogers Public Schools counselors envision a future where all students are acheiving their greatest potential emotially, personally and professionally. Our students strengthen their families and communities with compassion, empathy and acceptance. They are strong self-advocates who respond to life's challenges with resiliency. Students lead their professions as innovators and successful collaborators. They are driven life-long learners who are able to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rogers Public School Counseling Department is to prepare, inspire, and empower our diverse student population to achieve their greatest potential in an ever changing world. Through collaboration with stakeholders, the Rogers Comprehensive School Counseling Program is proactive and engages the whole child in a healthy, safe, supportive, and responsive environment. Students are equipped with essential skills to achieve academic, emotional, and life goals.

Belief Statements

Rogers Public Schools Counselors believe:

  1. An effective school counselor applies the ACSA ethical standards.
  2. An effective school counseling program is developmental, comprehensive and preventative.
  3. An effective school counseling program is a collaborative effort between school counselors and stakeholders to promote academic, career and social/emotional development.
  4. An effective school counseling program is data driven.
  5. An effective school counseling program supports student achievement.
  6. All students should have equitable access to comprehensive school counseling programs and services.
  7. All students can develop academic, career and social/emotional skills.
Sharon L. Counseling Director

Sharon Daniels
Executive Director of Counseling and Student Support

(Homeless Liaison/Foster Care Liaison/Military Education Coordinator)


Tina M


Tina McClure
Lead Counselor
500 W. Walnut
Rogers, AR 72756