RVL 2021-2022 Middle School Course List

  • Career Development
    English 6
    English 7
    English 8
    Math 6
    Math 7
    Math 8
    PE 6
    PE 7
    PE 8
    Science 6
    Science 7
    Science 8
    Social Studies Gr 7
    US History 8
    World History 6
    Literacy Applications
    Art 6

2021-2022 RVL High School Course List

  • Algebra I
    Algebra II
    Algebra III
    Anatomy Physiology
    AP Art History
    AP English Lang
    AP English Lit and Comp
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Human Geography
    AP Statistics
    Art History Baroque-Postmod
    Art History Prehist to Ren
    Chemistry Integrated
    Digital Health
    Earth Science
    Econ with Personal Finance
    English I
    English II
    English III
    English IV
    French I
    French II
    HS Journalism
    Personal Communications
    Personal Finance
    Personal Fitness for Life
    Physical Science – Integrated
    Physical Dimension
    Programing Year 1
    Rec Sports and Activities
    Spanish I
    Spanish II
    Spanish III
    Spanish IV
    Survey of Ag Systems
    Survey of Business
    Tech Math College/Career
    US History Since 1890
    Visual Art Appreciation
    Visual Art I
    World History
    Critical Reading I
    Critical Reading II