Middle School Course List

  • English 6
    English 7
    English 8
    Math 6
    Math 7
    Math 8
    Science 6
    Science 7
    Science 8
    World History 6
    Social Studies 7
    US History 8
    Key Code 7
    Physical Education 7
    Career Orientation 8
    MS Spanish 7
    MS Spanish 8
    Physical Education 6
    Art 6
    Health 6
    Music Appreciation 6

High School Course List

  • Algebra I
    Algebra II
    Anatomy Physiology
    AP English Literature and Composition
    AP Human Geography
    AP Psychology
    AP United Stated Government and Politics
    Art Appreciation
    Bridge to Algebra II
    Chemistry Integrated
    Earth Science
    English I
    English II
    English III
    English IV
    Family Consumer Sciences
    French I
    French II
    HS Journalism
    Medical Terminology
    Physical Science – Integrated
    Spanish I Native Speaker
    Spanish I
    Spanish II
    US History Since 1890
    Visual Art
    World History
    Oral Communications
    Arkansas History
    Art History
    Creative Writing
    Economics with Personal Finance
    Health Digital
    Music Appreciation
    Personal Finance