Community Service Flyer

Community Service Learning

  • Serve your community and earn a credit towards graduation!

    Community Service Learning is an approach to teaching and learning in which students use academic knowledge and skills to address genuine community needs.

    As a way to help foster civic responsibility, Arkansas Act 648 allows students to earn one credit towards graduation after completing 75 hours of approved community service learning over their high school career (grades 9-12).

    To qualify for the credit, students must:

    • Complete their service learning with a certified service agency or as part of a service-learning school program
      document their preparation, action, and reflection.
    • Requires the upload of your completed/signed

    Community Service Learning Log Sheet

    Here is another option for keeping a personal record of your hours.

    Community Service Record

    To qualify, the following is required:

    75 hours over the four years of high school
    working with certified agencies

    documented reflection including preparation and action.

    What counts as community service?

    Volunteer (unpaid) work for a school, church, non-profit organization, charity, or individual (not a family member)
    Court-ordered community service does not count

    How to document hours:

    Use a spreadsheet or paper form to record hours as they are completed.
    Ask an adult supervisor to sign off on your completed work.

    Graduate of Promise

    60 hours are required to earn the Graduate of Promise honor.


    STUDENTS: Please understand that these community service opportunities are on your own time and the school does not require you to participate in them. These activities are not school-sponsored. If you choose to participate please follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and mask requirements. We highly encourage you to do your part in your community - the rewards are immeasurable.

    PARENTS: Your students are not required to participate in community service activities and cannot go off campus to do so during school hours. If they choose to participate, please understand that they are responsible for their own actions.

  • In-person Opportunities

    Friendly Bookstore



    Habitat for Humanity



    Camp War Eagle Ozone

    People can donate used books and magazines and volunteer by running the store.

    Nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home.

    Participate in events they set up like Streetfest (trick or treating)

    Volunteer to help kids at an after school program (SOAR) or Ozone Elementary.


    Samaritan Community Center


    Serves the hurting and hungry of Northwest Arkansas through a compassionate community of staff and volunteers




    Helping Hands, Inc


    Angel Tree

    Available in most stores through Thanksgiving/Christmas


    Socks and Cookies

    Help work in a small store that will do various activities such as retail, tutoring, fundraising, and sorting out donations

    Be a part of a team of volunteers working in a thrift store giving back to the community

    Using a child or family’s Christmas list to provide with them they need and want for Christmas

    Creating a box with pre packaged food and socks for veterans


    Teen Action and Support Center

    Teens learn leadership skills by learning/ helping the homeless


    Arkansas Public Theater

    Help during shows and act as an usher or work at concessions

    Self-initiated volunteer opportunities:

    Donate to hospitals, retail stores, thrift stores

    Sell pre-packaged items (candy/chocolate bars)

    Write and send letters to Veterans

    Rake leaves/shovel snow

    Participate at food banks

    Donate blood

    Make masks

  • Virtual Opportunities

    Can create different art projects and upload to slide shows for little children.
    Share red cross content, and write letters to healthcare providers
    A free mobile app that helps read books, go over nutrition facts, and any other need for the visually
    Set up video calls with elementary children and you can read to them
    Virtual tutoring for kids of any age.
    Decode the location of oil spills

    Find evidence of drone strikes

    Help flag abusive tweets to women politicians in India
    Help researchers record data about wild animals, space, all kinds of things. Pick your project!
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.