The Courageous Cougar

The Courageous Cougar
  • The Courageous Cougar is a program where all students at KMS are taught social and emotional skills, and they apply these skills in a school-wide competition. Business partners from the community join KMS staff to challenge students in 5 competitive rounds. 


    Contact Jeremy Yates for partnership opportunities or more information.

  • Jeremy Yates

    P: 479.631.3625



The Competition

  • Round 1: Work the Room

    Students learn social skills such as introductions, handshakes, eye contact, and the ability to carry on a short conversation with someone they just met. Students are challenged to approach community volunteers, introduce themselves, and carry on short conversations. The entire student body competes in this round with 450 advancing to the next round.

    Round 2: The Circle of Courage

    Students learn social and emotional skills such as, emotional intelligence, how to represent themselves, empathy, and connecting with others. In this round students are challenged to think on their feet and engage in thoughtful conversations as they face 10 volunteers one after another and answer interview-like questions. Eighty students advance to the next round

    Round 3: The Gauntlet

    Students are faced with 10 challenges that make them think on their feet, display social grace, and have the confidence to understand and meet the needs of a variety of audiences. Each challenge recreates a scenario they might experience in a workplace environment. Eight students advance to the next round.

    Round 4: The Interview

    Students learn how to represent themselves in an interview setting. They face an interview committee with professionalism, confidence, and the ability to connect on a personal level. Two students are selected to compete in the final round.

    Round 5: The Restaurant Manager

    Students learn how to manage conflict, remain calm in stressful situations, and have empathy and grace for others. Two finalists manage a local restaurant, Neighbor's Mill Bakery and Cafe.


Community Partners