Watt's It All About

  • The Rogers School District’s energy management program consists of monitoring monthly utility usage and identifying areas the district can conserve energy or upgrade to more efficient equipment. The reduction in energy usage means cost savings opportunities for the district. Those funds can then be used where they are needed most. Saving energy also means reducing pollution and helping our environment. Generating just one kilowatt-hour (kWh) produces 1.6 pounds of CO2, which is emitted into the atmosphere.
    With approximately 2.5 million square feet of building space, costs can mount quickly to operate our buildings.  Utility costs are an expense that can be controlled, but it will take everyone’s help. Remember that every dollar saved is a dollar that can be used for education.

    How can you help?
    We can all help save energy. Simple everyday actions can have a huge impact. Did your class turn off the lights when you left for lunch? Did you turn off your computer and monitor before you left for the day? Did you turn off your television?  If you did, then you’re already helping the district save energy!
    2012-2013 Year To Month Energy Use Utility Type
    2012-2013 Year To Month Energy Use Utility Type

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