• Volunteers play an important and valuable role in the Rogers Public Schools. Students, teachers, staff, parents and the community all benefit from the work of individuals who volunteer their talents and resources. Each year, over 1,500 volunteers contribute 50,000 hours to help our students and this is one of the reasons the Rogers School District is able to offer a high-quality education to the future of our community.

    If you would like to volunteer, please contact the volunteer coordinator at any of our schools. Your help would be very appreciated.


Ways Volunteers Can Help  

  • Read to children
    Conduct flash card drills
    Assist in learning centers
    Help contact parents
    Work in health room
    Check out audio-visual equipment
    Make instructional games
    Assist with vision testing
    Prepare materials
    Help with book fairs
    Reinforce sight words
    Chaperone field trips
    Make props for plays
    Gather resource materials
    Help children with arts and crafts
    Check out books from public library
    Escort children to restroom, library, cafeteria
    Prepare classroom materials
    Discuss careers and hobbies
    Reinforce learning of the alphabet
    Drill recognition of color words
    Talk to children - be a mentor
    Help children learn a foreign language
    Make puppets
    Dramatize a story
    Set up a "grocery store" to practice math skills
    Demonstrate skills
    Discuss safety
    Participate in PTA/PTO activities
    Work on school newsletter
    Make materials at home
    Take students on a tour of your business

  • Listen to children read
    Provide individual help
    Set up learning centers
    Photocopy materials
    Work in library
    Practice vocabulary with students
    Play games at recess
    Assist with hearing testing
    Prepare bulletin boards
    Work with struggling students
    Help select library books
    Chaperone dances
    Set up or run bookstore
    Help with cooking projects
    Set up science experiments
    Collect lunch money
    Make list of library resources
    Supervise groups taking tests
    Show a video
    Reinforce recognition of numerals
    Help children with motor skills problems
    Help students play an instrument
    Help with handwriting practice
    Drill spelling words
    Share knowledge and experiences
    Help prepare assembly programs
    Beautify school grounds
    Help with fund-raising projects
    Ask others to volunteer
    Supervise a class while a teacher attends a conference
    Repair toys and classroom materials
    Be a WatchDog Dad