Welcome to Janie Darr Elementary Counseling

  • The counselor helps students achieve academic, emotional, and life goals. Students are encouraged to see the school counselor for help and guidance as they navigate through elementary school. The school social worker provides services that promote social, emotional, and behavioral well-being.

Contact Us

  • Mrs. Rappe

    Kia Rappe

    School Counselor

    Phone: 479-248-2008

    Fax: 479-202-9097



    Stephanie C

    Stephanie Cochran

    Social Worker


    Monday: Fairview 631-3524

    Tuesday: Bellview 631-3605

    Wed/Thurs: Tucker 631-3561

    Friday: Darr 248-2008


    Kelsey C 

    Kelsey Conkling

    Social Work Intern

    Schedule: Fridays