• RHA - Overview

    What is the Rogers Honors Academy?

    The Rogers Honors Academy helps Rogers Public School Students learn about college options. Navigating the college application process can be confusing. There are many factors to consider and lots of information to research.

    Often young people ask themselves questions such as:

    • What do I want to major in?
    • Do I want to go to a large or a small school?
    • Do I want to study in an urban or rural setting?
    • What is the difference between a university and a college?
    • Can I afford to go to college?
    • What scholarships are available for students like me?
    • What is the return on my investment for going to college?
    • How many colleges should I apply to?
    • Should I go to NWACC and then transfer to another school?
    • What criteria should I use to compare schools?

    These and more questions will guide our work together. We will use many different methods and resources to help each student answer their questions--and move closer to achieving their dreams.

    What benefits will I get by participating in the Rogers Honors Academy?

    RHA helps support you through your college process -- from thinking about what you enjoy doing, to exploring possible majors, to identifying which colleges will prepare you well for your particular interests and goals.

    • RHA helps you prepare academically so that you take courses that demonstrate rigor and we will provide you with tutoring if you need it.
    • You will get guidance concerning your course selection and learn about the importance of your extracurricular choices.
    • You will get preparation for ACT and SAT tests and assistance in preparing a strong and personalized college essay.
    • RHA will assist you in developing your personal story, highlighting your strengths and challenges.
    • You will participate in activities and retreats to learn about teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
    • You will learn to analyze college data and identify important criteria to your interests.
    • You will receive special college guidance and we will meet with you and your parents to help answer your questions.
    • We will help educate you about financial aid.
    • You will have opportunities to visit colleges and experience first-hand campus life.