Classes of Interest

  • Computer Applications I

    This computer course is designed to provide students with hands-on experience of the personal computer and its uses in society. Application programs from the Microsoft Office Suite will be taught including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The best part is each student will be offered the opportunity to take the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam (PowerPoint) for free! This is an industry certification through Microsoft. This test normally costs $88, but will provided free of charge!

    8th grade Pre-Ap English

    This class is designed to provide rigor and relevance for the students of Oakdale Middle School. Our teachers have been trained by the College Board using Laying the Foundation as an instruction tool. At this time, we offer 4 sections of the course reaching nearly ½ of our 8th grade students. Oakdale teachers work closely with the Heritage High School and Rogers High School teachers in an effort to provide seamless instruction in preparing students for the Advanced Placement classes in high school and continuing their college education.

    7th Grade Pre-Ap English and 8th Grade Pre-Ap Science

    To continue meeting our students’ academic needs, we will offer classes to any interested student. Having students begin taking advancement classes in the middle school will provide continued growth in the district’s advanced placement program.