Rogers New Technology High School

  • Rogers has joined the New Tech Network which operates nationwide to develop innovative public schools. Like more than 120 schools around the country, our New Technology High features an instructional approach centered on project-based learning, a culture that empowers students and teachers, and integrated technology in the classroom. The program will accept a total of 150 freshmen who are residents of the Rogers School District or transfers into it. Contact us at:

    Rogers New Technology High School
    2922 S. First Street
    Rogers, AR 72758
    Tel. 479-631-3621

New Tech 101

  • Project Based Learning

    Project Based Learning is a student-centered instructional model that emphasizes inquiry, critical thinking, and peer to peer collaboration. 

    In a PBL classroom, learners work together to solve problems that demand the development of new knowledge and new skills. 

    Project Based Learning cultivates learners' abilities to solve problems by thinking strategically.

    A Culture that Empowers

    At Rogers New Tech, we hold a foundational belief in the growth mindset, which encourages taking risks and views failure as an opportunity for reflection and growth. 

    In each project, students work together to determine what they already know, what they need to know, and what next steps they need to take to complete the work. Teachers work as facilitators, meeting the needs expressed by students at the project's outset. 

    In addition to teaching traditional academic skills in subjects like math, social studies, science, and English, teachers also train students in essential soft skills for the twenty first century. 

    Students are assessed for agency, which measures a student's ability to take ownership over their own learning, collaboration, which measures their ability to work well in a team, and oral communication which measures their ability to present their thoughts and communicate with their peers.

    Technology Integration

    Students are equipped with their own computer that provides access to greater resources for research, creativity, and collaboration. 

    Daily agendas and activities are posted to our online learning management system, Echo. 

    In addition to enjoying the benefits of technology, we teach and reinforce the importance of healthy and respectful technology use in the classroom.