• School Facts 

    Renovation: Northside received a beautiful renovation in 2020.

    Mascot: Panthers

    School Colors:  Blue and Gold



    Northside Elementary was built in 1954, and the principal was Grace F. Hill (who later had an elementary school named after her). The supertintendent was B.L. Kirksey the first year, and Greer Lingle followed him in that position for the next few decades. (Both Kirksey and Lingle have middle schools named after them, as well.)

    There were initially twelve classrooms at Northside, and each of them had 30 refinished, stationary-type pupil desks mounted on wooden runners, since they could not be attached to the tile floor. There was also a teacher's desk and a straight-back chair.

    The office consisted of one desk, a straight chair, and a two-drawer file cabinet. There were no office machines of any kind!

    The Northside PTA was established quickly, and Mary Organ (Mrs. Paul) was elected the first president. The volunteers were anxious and very willing to help provide support for the new school.

    The initial 1954-1955 staff included the following: First Grade: Estalla Puckett & Norma White (replaced by Mary White at semester); Second Grade: Verda M. Cline & Emma Kinney; Third Grade:Clara Dick & Aileen Fielding; Fourth Grade: Margaret Bradley & Ruby Deason; Fifth Grade: Robert Neely & Olive Lynch; Sixth Grade: Marguerite Maston & Vada Zimmerman; Music: Loretta Roberts; Principal: Grace Hill; Custodian: Elbert Reddick; and Head Cook: Nora Bishop.