Setting the Objective

  • Letting students interact with objectives and taking ownership of the them is a key to this high-yield strategy.  Of course many of these ideas can be used at the end of the lesson when the students are given an opportunity to revisit the objective or goal.

    Objective Score Sheet Templates - Has a variety of templates and videos.

Smart Notebook Ideas

  • Interactive Notebook

  • Questions - Objectives

  • Rate the Objective

  • Contains KWLW Charts and Smart Goals

  • Dice

  • Spinner with Timer

App Resources

  • As the district continues to embrace one-to-one education, more and more students are finding acceptance by educators for using their various mobile devices in the learning process. (Bring Your Own Device – BYOD). The district is discovering that high-yield strategies can also be implemented with students using their own devices. Not only are there an abundance of “apps” that facilitate the high yield strategies, but the resources of the Internet are available to the students as well

    iSpreadsheet Free - Students can replicate the Objective Score Sheets and track them electronically.
    Socrative - Socrative allows for immediate feedback via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. There are two apps, a teacher and student, which work together to create a student response system. The apps are available on both the droid and apple formats. It can also be run from a computer or netbook making it a great tool in BYOD or PD situations as well.

Revisiting the Objective

  • At the end of the lesson, students need to be given an opportunity to revisit the objective.  This provides the students a chance to generalize or summarize the learning.  Dr. Pollock describes it as "putting the tab on the folder."  Many of the same strategies that are used in setting the objective can be used to revisit the objective.  However, some ideas might lend themselves way or the other.

Smart Notebook Ideas

  • Putting the Tab on the Folder

  • Tweet Me

  • Text Me

  • Stoplight