What Is REACH?

  • R... eaching

    E... xceptional

    A... cademic and

    C... reative

    H... eights

    Direct pullout services (REACH classes) are offered to our third through seventh graders. Formal identification begins during the fourth quarter for our second graders and continues throughout twelfth grade.  A minimum of 150 minutes of direct services for our gifted and talented students is scheduled weekly in block segments. Beginning in 7th grade, we offer Pre-AP, AP, accelerate math, and concurrent course offerings for students in 7th -12th grades. 
    REACH Quiz Bowl Indirect services are also added to this design in the form of differentiation through compacting, independent contracts, tiered learning assignments, and teacher team meetings. 

    Along with our REACH classes, many school's have instituted a School-wide Enrichment Model, (SEM) to meet the needs of each campus at the elementary and middle school levels (K-5 and 6-7-8). Our SEM programs are designed to nurture talent development for "all" students, not just for our identified gifted and talented populations. Some of our  SEM offerings include creative problem solving, Odyssey of the Mind, Quiz Bowl, Stock Market Game, creative writing, Speech Clubs, collaborative teaming, lunch time book chats, curriculum extensions, Chess, Knowledge Master Competitions, Word Master Competitions, ESOL enrichment and many more. 


  • Welcome! If you have questions regarding the Rogers Public School District's gifted and talented program and/or services for our students, please contact us.

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  • REACH Advisory Committee
    The G/T Advisory Committee is composed of parents, teachers, and community members who support the G/T Program in the Rogers Public Schools. Dialogue groups as well as various subcommittees report to the steering committee to make recommendations to the G/T Office.

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  • REACH Annual Evaluation

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  • AMI Days 
    What is Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI)?

    An AMI make-up day will be determined by District Administration based on weather forecast and an actual day being missed due to inclement weather or for some other unforeseen reason. Once it is determined that a day has been declared as an AMI day, all district teachers and staff will be notified so that they may inform their students of the proposed date. Particular attention will be given to when the day is missed and if there are consecutive days missed. Again, the amount of instructional time lost due to days missed will be a determining factor as to whether or not a day would be declared an AMI day. The other factor to determine whether or not to claim an AMI day would be teacher access to students before and after the declared AMI day.


    AMI Days for REACH

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