Professional Development

  • Rogers Public Schools'  strategic plan contains a theory of action that  . . . . “a clearly defined curriculum and best instructional practices supported by targeted professional development will lead to the desired student achievement for all students in Rogers, Arkansas.” 

    RPS Required Professional Development:

    60 hours of professional development is required for any certified employee with a 190-day contract or greater.  

    Beginning in July 2014, 36 hours of professional development is required by the ADE for license renewal. 

    The following professional development is required in 2020-2021 school year:

    Arkansas History - 2 hours. 
    This will be provided during BUILDING PD days.

    Schools will conduct annual policy review of: 

         Crisis & Safety Review     

         SMART Core Curriculum

         Anti-Bullying Training/Policy 

         Sexual Harassment Policy

         IT Security

         Human Trafficking 

         Code of Ethics     

     One-half of the 36 hours required for licensure (18 hours) must be directly related to one of more of the following: 
       (1) the teacher's content area
       (2) instructional strategies applicable to the teacher's content area
       (3) the teacher's identified need

    Administrators:  Data Disaggregation, Instructional Leadership, Fiscal Management

    Professional Development will be provided as needed:

         Cultural and Linguistic Diversity 

         Teach students with Disabilities, including Autism

         Test Security and Confidentiality Training

    New Administrators:
          New Administrators must obtain Elevator Certification for TESS
          New Administrator Training for TESS/LEADS

    *For complete listing of professional development requirements see Required PD Chart.
    2020-2021 PD Calendar
    2020-2021 State Required PD

    For ADE Rules and Regulations for Professional Development click here:

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