Health Services Department

  • The health services staff in the Rogers School District is dedicated to serving students. Our staff consists of nurses and paraprofessionals. All of our schools have a nurse or paraprofessional assigned to help students. The health staff perform many services in the schools. They administer first aid and perform state-mandated screenings (scoliosis, vision, hearing and BMI) as well as maintain health records and administer medications. One of our most important and challenging roles is to help families obtain the medical care they need. We collaborate with the staff, counselors and social workers to provide students with the best possible care. Our nurses had prior medical experience before they began school nursing which enables them to serve our students well.


  • Nurses
    Janette Coberley, RN, BSN - District Head Nurse
    Stacy Dillahunty, RN - Janie Darr Elementary
    Amanda Johnson, RN- Rogers High School
    Rhonda Baker, RN - Heritage High School
    Jacki Alley, RN - New Tech High 
    Lisa Moseley, RN - Reagan Elementary
    Kara Gunnels, RN - Garfield 
    Leah Johns, LPN - Lowell Elementary School
    Matthew Smallwood, RN - Elmwood Middle School
    Sarah Burch, RN - Kirksey Middle School
    Jennifer Shaw, RN - Mathias Elementary School
    Tashia Harding , RN - Oakdale Middle School
    Joell Vinola King, RN - Northside
    Nanette Mika, RN - Bonnie Grimes
    Vicki Otwell, RN - Tillery Elementary
                         RN - Lingle Middle School
    Angela Sbanotto, LPN - Eastside
    Esharra Ruiz,RN - Jones Elementary
    Mackenzie Clark, RN - Old Wire Elementary
    Danielle Hollis, RN - Grace Hill Elementary
    Cindy Gilliam, RN - Tucker Elementary
    Linda Soriano, RN-Westside Elementary
    Angel Harvey, RN - Fairview Elementary
    Teri Campbell, RN-HHS
    Clare Ising, RN-District Float
    Kristin Able, RN-Heritage High School
    Jana Brown, RN-Rogers High School
    Kristin Able, RN-Bellview Elementary
    Nancy Reetz - Crossroads

  • Immunizations

  • Medications

  • Screenings

  • Insurance

  • Life-threatening Anaphylactic Reactions

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the Schools

  • Parent Contact Information

  • Seasonal Flu

  • Lice Information

  • Smoking Cessasation