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6th Grade Exploratory Wheel Courses

The 6th Grade Exploratory Mandatory Wheel courses are required for all 6th grade students and are offered in the following rotation cycle-

PE (1 semester), Health (6 weeks), Art (6 weeks), STEM 6 (6 weeks)


All students must take a music class in 6th grade. Students who do not take band, choir or orchestra, must choose from the following Exploratory Wheel courses

Exploratory Wheel (required for students not in full year music class)

Required Music Appreciation (9 weeks)

EXPLORE: Introduction to World Languages (9 weeks)

and two additional

EXPLORE courses (9 weeks each).

EXPLORE: Construction, Machines and Motors

EXPLORE: Food, Fitness & Finance 

EXPLORE: Introduction to Performing Arts

EXPLORE: Introduction to Outdoor Education 

EXPLORE: Highly Effective Strategies of Teens

EXPLORE: Computer Literacy