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Congratulations to Grace Hill Elementary and Garfield Elementary for being honored as a School on the Move by the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education for improving student achievement.

In addition, six Rogers schools will be rewarded for their top achievement in the state.

For being among the top 5% in achievement, Bellview Elementary will receive $38,300 and Janie Darr Elementary will receive $37,300 ($100 per student).

For being among the top 6-10% in performance, Eastside Elementary will receive $23,150, Fairview Elementary $30,450, and Elmwood Middle School $49,300 ($50 per student).

Also for being among the top 6-10% in growth/graduation rates, Eastside will receive an additional $23,150 and Rogers New Technology High School will receive $33,050 ($50 per student).

Way to go, Rogers!