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Secondary Course Planning

Welcome! This is your dedicated portal designed to empower students and their families in charting a path toward academic achievement and future success. At the heart of Rogers Public Schools' mission lies a steadfast commitment to fostering a supportive environment for students' holistic growth. This platform is a comprehensive resource hub, providing essential information for informed decision-making regarding course selection, graduation requirements, and comprehensive college and career planning.

We aim to equip students and their families with the tools and guidance necessary to navigate the intricate landscape of educational choices and career pathways. By leveraging this platform, individuals can access a wealth of resources tailored to their academic journey, ensuring a well-informed and strategic approach toward realizing their aspirations.

From mapping out high school courses that align with academic goals to exploring various higher education opportunities and career pathways, the student success plan is your compass for informed decision-making and planning. Student success plans are required by the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education for all Arkansas public school students in grades 8-12. Get started with secondary course planning by reviewing the High School Guidebook. Additional resources are available in the menu on the left.

Overview of Student Success Plans